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Penguin Audiobooks presents Roald Dahl's "Switch Bitch", a collection of darkly humourous short stories from one of Britain's best-loved authors. It is complete, unabridged and brought to life by an all-star cast including Richard E. Grant and Derek Jacobi. Topping and tailing this collection are "The Visitor and Bitch", stories featuring Dahl's notorious hedonist Oswald Hendryks Cornelius (or plain old Uncle Oswald) whose exploits are frequently as extraordinary as they are scandalous. In the middle, meanwhile, are "The Great Switcheroo" and "The Last Act", two stories exploring a darker side of desire and pleasure. In the black comedies of "Switch Bitch" Roald Dahl brilliantly captures the ins and outs, highs and lows of sex. Further Dahl short story volumes publishing in September 2012: "Over To You", "Someone Like You", and "Kiss, Kiss" recorded with high-profile readers including Derek Jacobi, Cillian Murphy, Richard E Grant, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Juliet Stevenson, Richard Griffiths, Rik Mayall with many more to be announced.
Switch Bitch is a rather short volume (I'm tempted to say knee-high to an everlasting gobstopper here), containing, as it does, just four stories, all virgin territory for me. After reading it, I'd have to conclude this is, not even by an enormous crocodilian stretch of the imagination, his best short fiction; for that see Lamb to the ...
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AUTHOR Roald Dahl
FILENAME Switch Bitch.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 21 Sep 2012

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The "Switch the Bitch" formula is like taking an off-ramp in a traffic jam, but it's a completely alternative route you never before considered. The formula releases a woman from all the frustrations that are slowly grinding her down and wasting her life. Detailed anecdotes will walk you ...

Switch the Bitch - Pettifleur Berenger

Switch the bitch reveals different women's frustrating but common partnership problems, that can often zap our energy making us feel helpless and alone. When author Pettifleur uses the term 'Switch the bitch' she's actually referring to taking back your given right to put yourself first.


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